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Real Estate Broker committed to helping seniors transition to a safer living situation.

When my own father transitioned to assisted care, I was working on Wall Street and needed help. We needed to get the house ready for sale to cover the costs of assisted living. 

During this time, I realized that many Real Estate "professionals" were quick to offer their expensive and unnecessary suggestions, but none of these "experts" were willing to add value by implementing practical, customized solutions for me and my family.

I ended up taking time off work to coordinate many different service providers together; junk removal, cleaning, painting and minor repairs, staging, and real estate agent. I also had to spend the time to find and deliver the cherished items my family wanted to keep.


With this in mind, I founded a company completely dedicated  assisting seniors and their families with EVERYTHING necessary during this unique period of time so many families go through.

Let’s Start Working Together!

"We are extremely thankful.  We feel as though we fell into a rare pocket of dignity.  Out of respect for you and the manner of your work, I have mentioned to all I meet the process of your success in our house sale."

~Anu from Princeton

"Thanks for everything Tom.  I imagine alot of people would have walked away from a project like this.  In fact, they would not have agreed to take it on in the first place; but you stuck with it, despite all the hassle, and frustration. Not only that, but you actually managed to clean out the house, and probably for alot less than your services were worth! We're very grateful for your help."

~Jeff from Bogota

"Tony and I wanted to thank you for all you did leading up to the sale of my uncle's house.  It has been a pleasure working with you."

~Carol from Hawthorne

"I can't thank you enough for your work on the house.  It's miraculous, and you have no idea about the burden you have lifted!  This whole process could not have been easier and more straightforward, and I am very grateful."


"My brother and I gave you a year of near disaster, many thanks for everything, you've done above and beyond the call of duty to push the sale of my Aunt's house.



"First of all I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing such a great job in Nyack and showing a remarkable amount of sensitivity to the family.  They were astounded by the amount of work you and your crew did and how professional all of you were.  The daughter even reached out to me as you know in order to send tip money to your workers.  How sweet is that?"

~Jamie D. Spielberg

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