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Services & Pricing

Pricing is determined with a free, in-person evaluation. It is a flat-fee that will not change once set. While other companies charge by the hour or rely on surprise surcharges, you can count on our flat-fee pricing to cover everything.

Servicing New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania and New York City

Services We offer

Have a special request? Just ask!

Senior Moving

And Related Special Requests

Moving seniors presents a unique set of challenges. We know, because we ONLY move seniors!

We are professional and sensitive to the fragile emotional state many seniors are in during this sensitive time of transition. We understand the senior is usually downsizing and there will be multiple destinations in the moving truck, whether family members' homes or donation centers. 

If you have antiques, cars or other valuable items that are no longer needed or wanted by the family, we can sell these items on your behalf on craigslist, ebay or at an auction house in New York. We can even handle pet adoption.


Our services are completely customizable to your family's personal needs.

Home Preparation

Prepare the home for sale or in-home care

For homes that need sprucing up for sale, we can handle the clean-out, minor repairs, or painting to ensure you get the best price possible with the least financial commitment necessary.


Many realtors will suggest unnecessary and lengthy renovations like new cabinets, new floors, etc. However, the immediate return on these investments is usually minimal, especially when you consider the carrying costs of an empty home. Don't go overboard, a little paint and minor repairs goes a long way to releasing home equity fast!


If the home needs to be made safe for the senior's continued living, we can help with that too! We are decluttering and junk removal experts, while staying sensitive to the senior's feelings.

Sell Home

Get your equity fast

Once the home is prepared for the open market, Tom, as a Real Estate Broker with Best Homes Realty, will list your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and several other online services.


In addition to the usual services a real estate agent would provide, such as escorting potential buyers through the home, services can be tailored to meet your family's needs.


Custom requests in the past have included things like omitting the placement of a sign in front of the home or omitting the use of a lock box etc., to respect the seller's privacy. 

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